subgenus Rhododendron
section Vireya
subsection Vireya

Scales irregularly lobed to star-shaped, mostly widely spaced in submature leaves and with small centres. Corolla various but the lobes more than 1/4 of the total length of the flower.

Rhododendron abietifolium
Rhododendron acrophilum
Rhododendron alternans
Rhododendron alticolum
Rhododendron anagalliflorum
Rhododendron angulatum
Rhododendron arfakianum
Rhododendron atropurpureum
Rhododendron aurigeranum
Rhododendron baconii
Rhododendron baenitzianum
Rhododendron bagobonum
Rhododendron banghamiorum
Rhododendron beccarii
Rhododendron blackii
Rhododendron bloembergenii
Rhododendron brachygynum
Rhododendron brassii
Rhododendron brevipes
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. brookeanum var. cladotrichum
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. brookeanum var. extraneum
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. brookeanum var. kinabaluense
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. brookeanum var. moultonii
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. cockburnii
Rhododendron brookeanum ssp. gracile
Rhododendron burttii
Rhododendron buruense
Rhododendron buxifolium var. buxifolium
Rhododendron buxifolium var. robustum
Rhododendron caespitosum
Rhododendron calosanthes
Rhododendron celebicum
Rhododendron chevalieri
Rhododendron christi
Rhododendron christianae
Rhododendron citrinum var. citrinum
Rhododendron citrinum var. discoloratum
Rhododendron coelorum
Rhododendron commonae
Rhododendron comparabile
Rhododendron cornus-bovis
Rhododendron crassifolium
Rhododendron culminicolum var. angiense
Rhododendron culminicolum var. culminicolum
Rhododendron culminicolum var. nubicola
Rhododendron curviflorum
Rhododendron cuspidellum
Rhododendron disterigmoides
Rhododendron englerianum
Rhododendron exuberans
Rhododendron flavroviride
Rhododendron frey-wysslingii
Rhododendron glabriflorum
Rhododendron gracilentum
Rhododendron hatamense
Rhododendron helodes
Rhododendron hirtolepidotum
Rhododendron impositum
Rhododendron impressopunctatum
Rhododendron inconspicuum
Rhododendron intranervatum
Rhododendron javanicum ssp. javanicum var. javanicum
Rhododendron javanicum ssp. javanicum var. teysmannii
Rhododendron javanicum ssp. schadenbergii
Rhododendron kemulense
Rhododendron kochii
Rhododendron laetum
Rhododendron lamii
Rhododendron lanceolatum
Rhododendron leptobrachion
Rhododendron leptomorphum
Rhododendron leucogigas
Rhododendron leytense var. loheri
Rhododendron leytense var. leytense
Rhododendron loboense
Rhododendron lochiae
Rhododendron loerzingii
Rhododendron lompohense
Rhododendron longiflorum var. bancanum
Rhododendron longiflorum var. longiflorum
Rhododendron longiflorum var. subcordatum
Rhododendron lowii
Rhododendron luraluense
Rhododendron luteosquamatum
Rhododendron macgregoriae var. glabrifilium
Rhododendron macgregoriae var. macgregoriae
Rhododendron macgregoriae var. mayrii
Rhododendron maxwellii
Rhododendron meijeri
Rhododendron microphyllum
Rhododendron mindanaense
Rhododendron mollianum
Rhododendron multicolor
Rhododendron muscicola
Rhododendron myrsinites
Rhododendron nervulosum
Rhododendron nieuwenhuisii
Rhododendron notiale
Rhododendron oxycoccoides
Rhododendron pachycarpon
Rhododendron pachystigma
Rhododendron papuanum
Rhododendron parvulum
Rhododendron pauciflorum var. calocodon
Rhododendron pauciflorum var. pauciflorum
Rhododendron perplexum
Rhododendron polyanthemum
Rhododendron poremense
Rhododendron porphyranthes
Rhododendron praetervisum
Rhododendron psammogenes
Rhododendron pseudobuxifolium
Rhododendron pseudomurudense
Rhododendron pubigermen
Rhododendron purpureiflorum
Rhododendron pusilum
Rhododendron pyrrhophorum
Rhododendron rarilepidotum var. ootrichum
Rhododendron rarilepidotum var. rarilepidotum
Rhododendron renschianum
Rhododendron retivenium
Rhododendron rhodopus
Rhododendron rhodostomum
Rhododendron ripleyi var. basitrichum
Rhododendron ripleyi var. cryptogonium
Rhododendron ripleyi var. ripleyi
Rhododendron robinsonii
Rhododendron rosendahlii
Rhododendron rubineiflorum
Rhododendron rubrobracteatum
Rhododendron rugosum
Rhododendron salicifolium
Rhododendron sarcodes
Rhododendron saxifragoides
Rhododendron sayeri
Rhododendron scabridibracteum
Rhododendron scarlatinum
Rhododendron schlecteri
Rhododendron seranicum
Rhododendron sessilifolium
Rhododendron simulans
Rhododendron stenophyllum ssp. angustifolium
Rhododendron stenophyllum ssp. stenophyllum
Rhododendron stevensianum
Rhododendron stresemannii
Rhododendron subcrenulatum
Rhododendron subuliferum
Rhododendron subulosum
Rhododendron sumatranum
Rhododendron taxifolium
Rhododendron toxopei
Rhododendron triumphans
Rhododendron ultimum
Rhododendron vanvuurenii
Rhododendron verticillatum forma velutinum
Rhododendron verticillatum forma verticillatum
Rhododendron vidalii
Rhododendron villosulum
Rhododendron vitis-idea
Rhododendron wentianum
Rhododendron whiteheadii
Rhododendron williamsii
Rhododendron womersleyi
Rhododendron wrightianum var. cyclopense
Rhododendron wrightianum var. insulare
Rhododendron wrightianum var. wrightianum
Rhododendron xanthopetalum
Rhododendron yongii
Rhododendron zoelleri