R. dalhousiae var. rhabdotum

Marc Colombel

subgenus Rhododendron
section Rhododendron
subsection Maddenia

Main features of the subsection :

Shrubs, sometimes epiphytic, or small trees, to 12m ; young shoots scaly, often also setose. Leaves evergreen, lower surface whitish- or greyish-papillose, scales distant or dense, sometimes with crenulate margins. Inflorescence 1-7-flowered. Calyx usually conspicuous. Corolla funnel-campanulate ; stamens 8-27 though usually c.10, declinate ; ovary tapering into style or impressed below the declinate style. Seeds winged and finned.

Rhododendron amandum
Rhododendron burmanicum
Rhododendron carneum
Rhododendron changii
Rhododendron chunienii
Rhododendron ciliatum
Rhododendron ciliicalyx
Rhododendron ciliipes
Rhododendron coxianum
Rhododendron crenulatum
Rhododendron cuffeanum
Rhododendron dalhousiae var. dalhousiae
Rhododendron dalhousiae var. rhabdotum
Rhododendron dendricola
Rhododendron excellens
Rhododendron fletcherianum
Rhododendron fleuryi
Rhododendron formosum var. inaequale
Rhododendron formosum var. inaequale
Rhododendron goreri
Rhododendron grothausii
Rhododendron horlickianum
Rhododendron johnstoneanum
Rhododendron kiangsiense
Rhododendron levinei
Rhododendron liliiflorum
Rhododendron lindleyi
Rhododendron linearilobum
Rhododendron ludwigianum
Rhododendron lyi
Rhododendron maddenii ssp. crassum
Rhododendron maddenii ssp. maddenii
Rhododendron megacalyx
Rhododendron mianningense
Rhododendron nemorosum
Rhododendron nuttallii
Rhododendron pachypodum
Rhododendron parryae
Rhododendron pseudociliipes
Rhododendron rhombifolium
Rhododendron roseatum
Rhododendron rufosquamosum
Rhododendron scopulorum
Rhododendron surasianum
Rhododendron taggianum
Rhododendron valentinianum var. oblongilobatum
Rhododendron valentinianum var. valentinianum
Rhododendron veitchianum
Rhododendron walongense
Rhododendron wumingense
Rhododendron yaogangxianense
Rhododendron yizangense
Rhododendron yungchangense