R. denudatum

Garth Wedemire

R. denudatum AC 1040

John McQuire

subgenus Hymenanthes
section Ponticum
subsection Argyrophylla

Main features of the subsection :

Shrubs or small trees, to 11m. Lower surface of leaves covered with a thin one-layered indumentum composed of rosulate hairs, or with a two-layered indumentum, the upper layer of dendroid hairs. Inflorescence lax or dense, 4-30-flowered ; rachis 3-40mm. Calyx usually minute, rarely to 15mm. Corolla 5-lobed, open- to funnel-campanulate, nectar pouches usually absent (present in R. ririei). Stamens usually 10(-20). Ovary glabrous or with a thin white to dense rufous indumentum ; style glabrous or glandular to tip.

Rhododendron adenopodum
Rhododendron argyrophyllum ssp. argyrophyllum
Rhododendron argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum
Rhododendron argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense
Rhododendron argyrophyllum ssp. omeiense
Rhododendron brevipetiolatum
Rhododendron coryanum
Rhododendron denudatum
Rhododendron ebianense
Rhododendron fangchengense
Rhododendron farinosum
Rhododendron floribundum
Rhododendron formosanum
Rhododendron haofui
Rhododendron hunnewellianum ssp. hunnewellianum
Rhododendron hunnewellianum ssp. rockii
Rhododendron insigne var. hejiangense
Rhododendron insigne var. insigne
Rhododendron longipes var. chienianum
Rhododendron longipes var. longipes
Rhododendron oblancifolium
Rhododendron pingianum
Rhododendron ririei
Rhododendron shimenense
Rhododendron simiarum var. deltoideum
Rhododendron simiarum var. simiarum
Rhododendron simiarum var. versicolor
Rhododendron thayerianum