R. irroratum ssp. irroratum

Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Marc Colombel

R. irroratum ssp. irroratum 'Polka Dot'

Marc Colombel

R. irroratum ssp. irroratum AC 1243

Marc Colombel

R. irroratum sous-espèce irroratum Forrest 5851

Marc Colombel

subgenus Hymenanthes
section Ponticum
subsection Irrorata

Main features of the subsection :

Shrubs or small trees. Leaves ovate to oblanceolate, ellipic or oblong, lower surface usually glabrous when mature though with persistent hair bases, occasionally with a thin veil of dendroid hairs. Inflorescence lax or dense, 4-20-flowered. Calyx minute or cupular. Corolla 5-7-lobed, white or (rarely) yellow to mauve or deep crimson, tubular- to open-campanulate, with or without nectar pouches. Stamens 10. Ovary glabrous to tomentose and/or stalked-glandular ; style glandular to tip.

Rhododendron aberconwayi
Rhododendron annae
Rhododendron anthosphaerum
Rhododendron araiophyllum var. araiophyllum
Rhododendron araiophyllum var. lapidosum
Rhododendron brevinerve
Rhododendron exelsum
Rhododendron gongshanense
Rhododendron guizhouense
Rhododendron irroratum ssp. irroratum
Rhododendron irroratum ssp. kontumense
Rhododendron irroratum ssp. pogonostylum
Rhododendron irroratum ssp. yiliangense
Rhododendron kendrickii
Rhododendron korthalsii
Rhododendron laojunense
Rhododendron leptopeplum
Rhododendron lukiangense
Rhododendron mengtszense
Rhododendron papillatum
Rhododendron pingbianense
Rhododendron ramsdenianum
Rhododendron spanotrichum
Rhododendron tanastylum var. lingzhiense
Rhododendron tanastylum var. pennivenium
Rhododendron tanastylum var. tanastylum
Rhododendron wrayi