R. oreites var. chlorops

Frédéric Danet

subgenus Rhododendron
section Vireya
subsection Pseudovireya

Main features of the subsection :

Scales disk-shaped with a relatively large swollen centre and narrow entire to sligthly lobed margin or flange, sometimes on persistent stalks ; dense to sparse on the undersides of the leaves but rarely touching and never overlapping in the submature state. Corolla shape various but never white and trumpet-shaped and the lobes generally more than 1/4 of the total length of the flower.

Rhododendron adinophyllum
Rhododendron asperulum
Rhododendron borneense ssp. angustissimum
Rhododendron borneense ssp. borneense
Rhododendron borneense ssp. villosum
Rhododendron buxoides
Rhododendron capellae
Rhododendron ciliilobum
Rhododendron cuneifolium
Rhododendron cyrtophyllum
Rhododendron datiandingense
Rhododendron densifolium
Rhododendron detznerianum
Rhododendron emarginatum
Rhododendron ericoides
Rhododendron erosipetalum
Rhododendron gaultheriifolium var. expositum
Rhododendron gaultheriifolium var. gaultheriifolium
Rhododendron hameliiflorum
Rhododendron insculptum
Rhododendron kawakamii
Rhododendron leiboense
Rhododendron lindaueanum var. bantaengense
Rhododendron lindaueanum var. lindaueanum
Rhododendron maguanense
Rhododendron meliphagidum
Rhododendron mnanophyton var. nanophyton
Rhododendron mnanophyton var. petrophilum
Rhododendron mummatum
Rhododendron oreites var. chlorops
Rhododendron oreites var. oreites
Rhododendron perakense
Rhododendron pulleanum var. maiusculum
Rhododendron pulleanum var. pulleanum
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. davaoense
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. intermedium
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. malindangense
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. marivelesence
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. quadrasianum
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. rosmarinifolium
Rhododendron quadrasianum var. selibicum
Rhododendron retusum var. epilosum
Rhododendron retusum var. retusum
Rhododendron retusum var. trichostylum
Rhododendron rupivalleculatum
Rhododendron rushforthii
Rhododendron santapaui
Rhododendron saruwagedicum
Rhododendron schizostigma
Rhododendron scortechinii
Rhododendron seimundii
Rhododendron sororium
Rhododendron spathulatum
Rhododendron taxoides
Rhododendron vaccinioides
Rhododendron vanderbiltianum
Rhododendron vinkii