R. orthocladum var. microleucum

Marc Colombel

subgenus Rhododendron
section Rhododendron
subsection Lapponica

Main features of the subsection :

Small shrubs ; young shoots scaly, glabrous or (in R. setosum) setose.
Leaves evergreen, usually papillose beneath, scales on lower surface of one or two types, distant or dense, broadly rimmed. Inflorescence a terminal umbellate raceme, 1-several-flowered. Calyx minute to conspicuous. Corolla usually open-campanulate, rarely hypocrateriform. Stamens 5-10(-11), usually regularly arranged. Style impressed, straight or declinate. Seeds unwinged and obscurely finned.

Rhododendron amundsenianum
Rhododendron bulu
Rhododendron burjaticum
Rhododendron capitatum
Rhododendron complexum
Rhododendron cuneatum
Rhododendron dasypetalum
Rhododendron dawuense
Rhododendron declivatum
Rhododendron edgarianum
Rhododendron fastigiatum
Rhododendron flavidum var. flavidum
Rhododendron flavidum var. psilostylum
Rhododendron hippophaeoides var. hippophaeoides
Rhododendron hippophaeoides var. occidentale
Rhododendron impeditum
Rhododendron intricatum
Rhododendron joniense
Rhododendron labolengense
Rhododendron lapponicum
Rhododendron lungchiense
Rhododendron lysolepis
Rhododendron maowenense
Rhododendron minyaense
Rhododendron nitidulum var. nitidulum
Rhododendron nitidulum var. omeiense
Rhododendron nivale ssp. australe
Rhododendron nivale ssp. boreale
Rhododendron nivale ssp. nivale
Rhododendron orthocladum var. longistylum
Rhododendron orthocladum var. microleucum
Rhododendron orthocladum var. orthocladum
Rhododendron polycladum
Rhododendron qinghaiense
Rhododendron rupicola var. chryseum
Rhododendron rupicola var. muliense
Rhododendron rupicola var. rupicola
Rhododendron russatum
Rhododendron setosum
Rhododendron taibaiense
Rhododendron tapetiforme
Rhododendron telmateium
Rhododendron thymiflolium
Rhododendron tsaii
Rhododendron verrucolosum
Rhododendron websterianum var. websterianum
Rhododendron websterianum var. yulongense
Rhododendron xiguense
Rhododendron yulingense
Rhododendron yungningense
Rhododendron zheguense