R. pseudochrysanthum var. pseudochrysanthum

Jens Birck

Marc Colombel

Garth Wedemire

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subgenus Hymenanthes
section Ponticum
subsection Maculifera

Main features of the subsection :

Large shrubs or small trees ; young shoots tomentose or glandular-setose. Leaves elliptic or oblong to obovate, lower surface with a more or less persistent to evanescent, tomentum composed of flagellate, folioliferous, long-rayed or stellate hairs. Inflorescence lax or dense, 5-20-flowered. Calyx usually minute, rarely to 10mm. Corolla 5-flowered, white to pink or deep red, with or without a basal blotch, narrowly to widely campanulate, with nectar pouches. Stamens 10.
Ovary tomentose to stalked-glandular ; style glabrous or at least partly glandular.

Rhododendron anwheiense
Rhododendron longesquamatum
Rhododendron maculiferum
Rhododendron morii var. morii
Rhododendron morii var. taitunense
Rhododendron ochraceum var. brevicarpum
Rhododendron ochraceum var. ochraceum
Rhododendron oligocarpum
Rhododendron pachyphillum
Rhododendron pachysanthum
Rhododendron pachytrichum var. monosematum
Rhododendron pachytrichum var. pachytrichum
Rhododendron pachytrichum var. tenuistylosum
Rhododendron pilostylum
Rhododendron polytrichum
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum var. nankotaisanense
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum forma rufovelutinum
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum var. pseudochrysanthum
Rhododendron sikangense var. exquisitum
Rhododendron sikangense var. sikangense
Rhododendron strigillosum
Rhododendron ziyuanense