R. simsii var. simsii KW 22036

Marc Colombel

R. simsii var. simsii

Marc Colombel

subgenus Tsutsusi
section Tsutsusi

Main features of the section :

Leaves linear to broadly ovate, scattered along the stems (pseudo_whorled in R. tashiroi, usually of two kinds, the spring leaves larger and deciduous, the summer leaves smaller and persistent through the winter, sometimes with all the leaves apparently uniform and persistent. Corolla rotate to tubular-campanulate.

Rhododendron adenanthum
Rhododendron apricum
Rhododendron arunachalense
Rhododendron atrovirens
Rhododendron bellum
Rhododendron bicorniculatum
Rhododendron boninense
Rhododendron chaonanense
Rhododendron chrysocalyx var. chrysocalyx
Rhododendron chrysocalyx var. xiushanense
Rhododendron chunii
Rhododendron crassistylum
Rhododendron cretaceum
Rhododendron eriocarpum
Rhododendron florulentum
Rhododendron flosculum
Rhododendron flumineum
Rhododendron fuchsiifolium
Rhododendron fuscipilum
Rhododendron gratiosum
Rhododendron hainanense
Rhododendron hejiangense
Rhododendron huiyangense
Rhododendron hunanense
Rhododendron indicum
Rhododendron jasminoides
Rhododendron jinpingense
Rhododendron jinxiuense
Rhododendron kaempferi var. kaempferi
Rhododendron kaempferi var. macrogemma
Rhododendron kaempferi var. saikaiense
Rhododendron kaempferi var. tubiflorum
Rhododendron kanehirae
Rhododendron kiusianum var. kiusianum
Rhododendron kiusianum var. sataense
Rhododendron kwangtungense
Rhododendron lasiostylum
Rhododendron litchiifolium
Rhododendron longifalcatum
Rhododendron longiperulatum
Rhododendron loniceriflorum
Rhododendron malipoense
Rhododendron mariae ssp. kwangsiense
Rhododendron mariae ssp. mariae
Rhododendron matsumurai
Rhododendron meridionale var. meridionale
Rhododendron meridionale var. minor
Rhododendron microphyton
Rhododendron minutiflorum
Rhododendron mucronatum
Rhododendron myrsinifolium
Rhododendron naamkwanense var. crytonerve
Rhododendron naamkwanense var. naamkwanense
Rhododendron nakaharae
Rhododendron nanpingense
Rhododendron noriakianum
Rhododendron obtusum
Rhododendron octandrum
Rhododendron oldhamii
Rhododendron petilum
Rhododendron pinetorum
Rhododendron polyraphidoideum var. montanum
Rhododendron polyraphidoideum var. polyraphidoideum
Rhododendron pulchroides
Rhododendron qianyangense
Rhododendron rhodanthum
Rhododendron rhuyuenense
Rhododendron ripense
Rhododendron rivulare
Rhododendron rubropilosum var. breviperulatum
Rhododendron rubropilosum var. grandiflorum
Rhododendron rubropilosum var. rubropilosum
Rhododendron rufo-hirtum
Rhododendron rufulum
Rhododendron saisiuense
Rhododendron saxatile
Rhododendron saxicolum
Rhododendron scabrum var. amanoi
Rhododendron scabrum var. scabrum
Rhododendron seniavinii
Rhododendron serpyllifolium
Rhododendron sikayotaisanense
Rhododendron simsii var. mesembrinum
Rhododendron simsii var. simsii
Rhododendron sparsifolium
Rhododendron subcerinum
Rhododendron stenopetalum
Rhododendron subenerve
Rhododendron subflumineum
Rhododendron subsessile
Rhododendron taipaoense
Rhododendron tawanalpinum
Rhododendron tashiroi var. lasiophyllum
Rhododendron tashiroi var. tashiroi
Rhododendron tenuilaminare
Rhododendron tosaense
Rhododendron tschonoskyi var. trinerve
Rhododendron tschonoskyi var. tschonoskyi
Rhododendron tsoi
Rhododendron tsusiophyllum
Rhododendron unciferum
Rhododendron viscidum
Rhododendron viscigemmatum
Rhododendron yangmingshanense
Rhododendron yaoshanicum
Rhododendron yedoense var. poukhanense
Rhododendron yedoense var. yedoense